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Spectrum Chefs

The great story of our culinary journey.

Spectrum started without meaning to!!!

In 2008 I had been home-schooling Shay (he is on the Autism Spectrum), concentrating mainly on teaching hospitality studies and culinary skills.  He then, at the young age of 17, started working in the industry, without having done his official training.  Word got around and I received a phone call from a parent of a son with Cerebral Palsy and was asked if I could teach his son to become self-sufficient in the kitchen.  I had no experience working with special needs youngsters other than my son, was battling with Multiple Sclerosis, and doing catering as a side-line.

Something made me say yes and my absolute dream of a “job” began.

Spectrum Courses & Operations

Cooks Course
Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 16:30 pm
Duration: 12 Months
For the budding Chef curious about entertaining the Hospitality Industry

Chef’s Course
Monday – Friday | 9am – 16:30pm
Duration: 3 years
For the next aspiring Chef

Skills Lessons
Monday – Friday | 2hr Lessons
Skills building cooking for all!
Improvement of confidence, time management & self-worth


My son has always had a passion for cooking, and being special needs he cant read or write nor follow a recipe so he'd experiment with different things in the middle of the night with no idea what he was doing. Since starting at Spectrum Cooks a year ago, he now actually cooks delicious things we can all enjoy, he has developed some serious confidence and tackles the oven with no fear. I highly recommend this school, it's magical.

Yana ValtchanovaMother

Luke’s cooking lesson with Cheryl is one of the absolute highlights of his week! He feels affirmed and supported in an environment that is welcoming and entertaining as well as educational...and always filled with happiness!
The fact that he brings a delicious meal home for the family supper is the cherry on the top! More affirmation for something extra-tasty that we all enjoy!

Thank you Cheryl & Spectrum Cooks for something completely unique and very special!

Taylor familyParents

Our wonderful, now adult, daughter ‘A’. is on the autism spectrum and she has struggled through-out her young life to find a place where she truly fits in. The world at large is generally unable to accommodate such difference easily and it has been very painful sometimes to walk alongside her in this journey. When we discovered Spectrum, run by Cheryl and Shay, we finally found a true home, a place where she is accepted and understood for exactly who she is, and, moreover, respected and loved for it. One cannot ask for more. ‘A’ spent a number of years, whilst she was at school, doing the individual cooking lessons, then went on to do a three-year cooking course. As a result, our daughter has learnt skills that she can really use in her life, both personally, as a young adult learning to make her own way in the world; and professionally, as she is now employed. As Cheryl and Shay have always said, cooking teaches life skills. It really does!


Spectrum Cooks is a warm, friendly and inviting place where neuro diverse people can find that invaluable sense of belonging. A place that is accepting of all and finds the best in each person. My son, looks forward to the lessons, a highlight in his week, and more importantly to being in good company and having fun. He is delighted and so proud of the meal he prepares for the family.

Vandena DayaMother

Come in and cook with us

Cheryl Terblanche
Principal & Founder
M: 082 564 7694

Shay Terblanche
Head Chef & Lecturer
M: 076 723 3550